How can we be of service?

Mining industry:

    • project management
    • environmental permitting,
    • site remediation and rehabilitation,
    • mine closure planning and implementation,
    • acid mine drainage issues and general geochemistry,
    • pollutant (metal) mobilisation in the ecosystem,
    • modelling of blood lead levels,
    • monitoring and reporting ... air, noise, soil and water,
    • flora and fauna surveys, ecology and sustainable development. 
    • prepare Environmental Management Plans,
    • environmental audits and contaminated site assessments (our professionals are certified environmental practitioners in contaminated land)
  • Marine:
    • marine ecology surveys,
    • sediment physical and chemical properties,
    • monitoring and reporting.
  • Resource Management
    • estuary and river monitoring and reporting,
    • flora and fauna surveys,
    • environmental chemistry and toxicology.
  • Training
    • training of environmental field technicians and staff,
    • interpretation of environmental data,
    • data management and statistical analysis,
    • field sampling and testing.
  • NOT ON THE LIST ... please ask us - this list is designed to give a flavour of what we can do.

NRS staff want to work for a better future!